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Friday, December 4, 2009

Africa Inspiration| Plascon

Inspired by Africa

Over the summer my bff from high school was in Cape Town, South Africa celebrating her honeymoon with her new hubby. While she was over there she picked up a copy of Elle Decor SA (my new favorite mag) and sent it over to me from the UK. What a thoughtful friend! In the mag was a great insert for Plascon, a South African paint company, featuring  an ad campaign  inspired by the World Cup Soccer in SA next year. The title of the ad was "2010 Colour Forecast : Africa Inspiration." I couldn't resist sharing the ad because I really felt inspired by its vision and description of Africa. Here it is:
"Africa enchants. With its warmth, its wilderness, its wisdom, its soul, its colors. Africa is humbling, real and raw. It is both the place of origin and the future- a melting pot of passion, creativity and inspiration."
'Africa is our privilege, our heart our daily stimulus. Its colors, textures and patterns are both extreme and extremely beautiful. 'From the shimmering off-white sands of the Sahara Desert to the icy blue seas of a wintry Cape. From the soulful burnt umber of East African river beds to the dense forests of the Congo.
In addition to its own rich history, Africa has taken the influence of European settlers and Eastern traders and woven them into its exotic tapestry. You will see the artistry and palette of the French, Dutch, British, Arabs, Indians, Portuguese and Germans woven into African landscapes, scorched by the relentless African sun, and weathered by a climate as moody and unpredictable as the land and its creatures.

Don't you just love it! Visit the Plascon site to explore more.


  1. I really love this description of the continent closest to my heart - beautiful!
    Jealous that you have the latest SA Elle Decor though, will definitely have to have my hubby pick up a copy for me when he's down for World Cup!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Don't you just love it! Hope your hubby enjoys his time at the World Cup. I'm so jealous, I'm sure he's going to bring you back Elle Decor SA and more. Thanks for stopping by Sharalee!

  3. Thanks for your wonderful post. Blessings to you, always.

  4. Hi,

    Love the blog, will be following it ...

    Tendai (you probably remember me as TC)

  5. Thanks TC! Wow its been forever. Thx for stopping by and good to hear you plan to follow:) Can't wait to get back to writing on the blog especially now that I live on the continent again.

  6. really an eye opener for me.

    - Robson


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