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Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday + Niarela Rue 420

These lovely goodies are the work of Bamako-based French designer Mariane Montaut of Niarela Rue 420. I found out about her when saw her work at the "So Masiri" exhibit at the Musee National here in Bamako last year. I was immediately drawn to the fabulous colors of her collections and her modern take on the traditional Malian bogolan hand dyeing process. I decided I needed to find out more, and visited her workshop in Niarela to meet her and do a bit of shopping.

I found Mariane to be a lovely and down-to-earth designer, making lovely hand woven bedding, pillows and modern furniture. I also found out that she co-owns with her husband  a beautiful eco-lodge called Kangaba just outside of Bamako, that is a perfect weekend getaway.

Above are some of the pieces from Niarela Rue 420 that I am loving that will most definitely infuse your home with color. Visit here to see more, I hope you will love it too.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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