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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Artist Love: Gerard Sekoto

House District Six oil on canvas c. 1943
The Artist's Mother and Stepfather oil on canvas board c. 1946

Three Seated Women oil on canvas c. 1946
The Milkman

Have a look at the beautiful and colorful artwork of  the late Gerard Sekoto,  a self-taught pioneer of modern South African art and also a musician. Sekoto rendered his work in a variety forms and experimented with a number of techniques. I originally discovered his work through a beatiful book of his art that a friend gave me called "Gerard Sekoto: My Life and Work", which documents his work in South Africa and later in self-imposed exile in France.

Sekoto's paintings, particularly the early ones, are intricate observations of his life and surroundings, that capture human life amazingly.  His paintings of the townships of Sophiatown, District Six and Eastwood  are rich visual historical records of a now extinct way of life. All three areas were bulldozed in the fifties and sixties under apartheid South Africa. 

There are so many beautiful pieces that I would love to have them all particularly those from his time in Eastwood (a girl can wish, right?)You can see more of his work here and here.

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