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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shop Love: 33 Rue Majorelle

I came across the Marrakech, Morocco based concept store, 33 Rue Majorelle in this month's issue of Dwell Magazine.  Opened in 2010, the shop was founded by Yehia Abdelnour and Monique Bresson and features colorful modern homewares and clothing from over 50 mainly local contemporary designers who blend Moroccan craftmanship with modern design. The shop is located across the street from Majorelle Gardens, once owned by fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent (and his final resting place).

While shopping in the souks is fun and a must see, it can be a bit overwhelming with its myriad of goods on sale and the need to haggle. That is feeling I get sometimes with the marches (markets) in West Africa, they can be a lot of fun but you have to be ready for it. They are times you just want a calm environment with carefully curated selection of goodies, such as 33 Rue Majorelle. The space is made up of the boutique 3 speaces, the boutique, an art gallery, called "Le Salon" and a snack bar, "Kaowa" (which means coffee).

Here are some of my favorites from the shop!

loving the tea artwork, porcelain teapots and cups 
 Pretty selection of throw pillows to brighten up your couch
Raffia  made Shoes exclusive to 33 Rue Majorelle      
  Love these cute bags by Lalla Marrakech
Lovely colorful baskets
  A colorful hat perfect for the beach

Chez Zoe hand embroidered linens

How cute are these handmade kids toys from Zid Zid Kids
xx Elle

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