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Friday, September 14, 2012

Travel: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

I can't believe I haven't written about Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is an amazing city, it really just nourishes you. I simply love it. It was so nice to see that tourists where coming back to Zimbabwe to see the Falls when I returned home earlier this year. There was so much vibrancy in the city again. Tourism numbers were up, and people were coming back. It was so inspiring to see the resurgency of that wonderful small city. The hotels were filled to capacity and people were really just enjoying themselves, like we all did.

 I finally got to take my husband and son to see the Victoria Falls for the first time. It was a fun but crazy trip. We decided since we were home we needed to take the whole family (mom and dad decided to stay back) to come on the trip with us. Giving my husband the experience of what it  really means to marry into a large family. My family's philosophy is the more the better. So there we were, my husband, two of my brothers (my other brother didn't arrive home in time for the trip) and my two sisters, my toddler son and my elder brother's wife, his son and daughter making the long road trip from Harare to Victoria Falls, with a short break in Bulawayo to see family, really interesting.

There is so much to do in Victoria Falls, depending on your interests. For the adventure travelers out there, you can bungee jump off the bridge, you can white water raft in the Zambezi. For something a little more calm, my picks are to take a Booze Cruise on the Zambezi with Shearwater , ride bikes across town or take a helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls. I haven't done the helicopter ride, I think that is for adventure seekers, or maybe not, maybe next time. For golfers, you should check out the Elephant Hills golf course, its a bit out of the way but people rave about it.

To shop you can get some amazing crafts from the outdoor market, curio shops or the Elephant's Walk Shopping Centre. For dinner if you can get a reservation check out Boma restaurant at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge for local and international cuisine, couldn't get in this time. We ended up going to Mama Africa Eating House which was fabulous. My best place to stay pick is the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, for its great location, proximity to wildlife at the watering hole from the hotel's balconies and its tree house like architecture. It always gets rave reviews including from Conde Nast Traveler.

Hope you consider visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe on your next vacation!

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