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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Accessories Love: Tashenkat

Tashenkat is a Malian high-end accessories brand founded by Christine, a Bamako-based French designer. I met Christine at an event that we organized to promote local design at the Canoe Club in Bamako last year. She ended up stocking my baby and kids clothing in her lovely boutique, Bambou.

I simply love the quality of her jewelry and bags, don't you just love the cuff? Working with skilled Malian artisans she creates accessories that have an electric range of colors and incorporate Touareg symbolism. Her boutique is closed now, doing business in Mali is difficult at the best of times, and is even more so now with the drastic decline in the number of expats and tourists. Her work is however still available at a number of local Bamako boutiques including the Woodin boutique in Niarela, and the boutique at the Badala Hotel. If you are in Bamako be sure to check out her work.

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